Thursday, 23 June 2022


Ode To My Refrigerator!

O wondrous white container,

That keeps my veggies fresh,

I've come to pick out something,

But I really must confess

That I haven't got the foggiest

Idea why I came;

While you stand, wide open, patiently,

I must accept the blame;

You know that I'll remember,

After I've closed your door,

I only have to leave the room,

We've been through this before;

As I head across the living room,

I hear you call me back,

"Perhaps you'd like to take your phone?

You've left it on my rack!"

Saturday, 2 April 2022


I used to have a music box

That played a sunny tune,

Oh, how it used to cheer me up

When scary faces crossed the moon!

When the many scary faces of fear and its angry, unpleasant relatives try to bully their way across my hopeful moon, I try to remember the power of the music box!

I love music boxes, wind chimes, bells, and bird songs—anything that causes the air to vibrate with a bright hopeful sound. That's a love that I've carried with me from childhood, when staying over at Grandma's house provided some wonderful tinkling memories. I've written and posted a poem (attached above) about one of my wonderful Grandma memories that still lives in a special bright spot in my heart.

The key to the music box is never far from our reach; we are given a chance to unleash  hopeful notes each time that we direct a kind thought towards someone. That first note of kindness is all that is needed for a host of smiling vibrations to set out on their journey to the moon and back - How good is that!

By collecting bells of all sizes and materials, I've tried to keep those memories alive. At family get-togethers here, it is a treat and a scramble for the kids to grab one of the bells and call us in to dinner!  I've made a point of passing on some of my tinklers to the grandkids; hopefully, they will feel the love that goes with the bells and surrounds them each time that they ring out their gleeful notes (perhaps sometimes a little loudly!)

Here's a poem that I wrote about a warm tinkling memory from my childhood:

Grandma's Music Box

Up on tiptoe, hands outstretched,
My fingers found the key,
Then twice,
A final twist—
And the music was set free!
I held my ear up close to hear
the magic that came out,
So happy was each tiny note
That gaily jumped about;
Then, I quickly scrambled into bed
When Grandma climbed the stairs,
And lay there with the covers up,
All set to say my prayers;
I loved the smell
Of Grandma's hair
As she hugged me into bed,
And just before we went to sleep,
I turned to her and said,
"Thank you Grandma, you're the best,
You are so good to me;
Do you think, perhaps,
Just one more time,
You could turn the music key?"
Grandma's hands
Reached for the key,
The song leaped to her hand,
Once more she was a little girl,
The leader of her band;
She kissed my cheek
And gave a wink,
As she smiled at my delight;
She closed her eyes
Till the music stopped,
And then,
Turned out the light.

Sunday, 6 March 2022


Spring is now officially fourteen days away; someone needs to let the snow suppliers know that they can scale back on the deliveries any time now. I'm looking at four feet of snow in our back yard, and although it is giving us a beautiful, bright, blank page to write on, I don't need to be writing a tome! 

Actually, a blank page may be what we all need right now, with the potential to reassess and to start living life with a new sense of appreciation for the gifts that we have been blessed with. We are all grappling with the knowledge that, as we sit in uneasy comfort, our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine have had their lives torn apart. We wonder what the future holds for us all, and what we can do to help to promote peace.

I believe that peace has to begin within each of us, one moment at a time, one kind thought at a time, building exponentially from kind word to kind word, caring smile to caring smile, one act of forgiveness to total forgiveness of others, and of ourselves. In the words of Desmond Tutu, "Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world." 

Wisdom Springs and Joy Sings!

No one ever lives in complete isolation,
For within each of us,
Wisdom dwells,
Our spirit's dear companion;
Living alongside our human essence,
In quiet contemplation of our desires and
Our efforts to give;

Its sole purpose is to guide us to giving
In constant, selfless ripples;
It is the voice within
That puts a stop on our tongues
When hurtful words prepare to leap forth,
Or when we would voice an untruth;
It asks only for a diet of humility,
And a letting go of earthly ambition;

It is not a solemn companion,
But a joyful spirit;
It is not bound up in pettiness,
But laughingly loves us,
Revels in every smile that we let escape,
Every kind act that we follow through on;
Those actions let it know that it has been welcomed and heeded,
That God, the giver of the gift, indeed dwells here;
We are totally and forever enfolded in His loving embrace,
We are never alone.

Solomon's Respect For Wisdom:   "I esteemed her more than sceptres and thrones"



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Sunday, 13 February 2022


Charter of Kindness

We are all worthy of love.

We each have the responsibility to let love rule our every action,

We have the right to speak our truths,

We have the responsibility to use words that do no harm

and to listen with respect to others' truths,

We have been given the gift of remembrance,

We have the responsibility to forgive,

We have the right to shelter,

We have the responsibility to contribute to sheltering others,

We have the right to create,

We have the responsibility to encourage others to create,

We have the right to dance,

We have the responsibility to respect others' space,

We have the right to sing our song,

We have the responsibility to listen with receptive hearts

 to the diversity of songs around us,

We have the right to food and water,

We have the responsibility to show gratitude for those gifts

 by sharing them with others,

We have the right to learn,

We have the responsibility to teach the encouraging word,

We have the right to laugh and to cry,

We have the responsibility to dry the tears of others,

We all share the responsibility of healing the soul of the world

With our every individual, precious act of kindness;

In sharing kindness, we will find joy.


Make each act a kind one,

And one day you'll see

In the eyes of your child,

The best you can be.


'Freely you have received; freely give.' Matt 10:8

Friday, 14 January 2022


Time To Do The Dishes!

We all have hopes, and dreams, and wishes,

But, when all is over, said, and done,

Someone has  to wash the dishes;

To shine the pots and add some fun;


We all make messes big and small,

From day to day, the chores pile up,

We find a way past troubles tall,   

But worries stain the strongest cup;


No one travels through a day

Without a few mistakes;

We all break cups along our way,

Or burn some favourite cakes;


Kindness is the glue it takes

To mend those precious stems,

And laughter adds a lustre

To our newly-polished  gems;


 So do your dishes, dry them well,

And spread them out again,

Serve up kindness every day,

Keep those worry stains at bay,

And watch your spirit shine,  


And let me not take life for granted,

Nor myself too seriously,

Somewhere a dish is being washed,

That needs the laughter

Of a child like me!

Wednesday, 15 December 2021


The Hands Of Christmas


I woke one bright December morn'

Pulled on my socks and sweater warm,

Jumped out of bed and felt it there— 

A new excitement in the air!

Tap, tap, tapping her refrain

Upon my frosted windowpane,

Hope had come to visit me,

Hope in all her finery,

And I could hardly wait to see

The presents that she brought!


On I went about my day,

Spreading smiles along my way,

For hope had left a good supply

For me to use and multiply,

The perfect gift, there is no doubt,

Urging other smiles to sprout,

Like friendship cake, it won't run out,

If we take time to share it.


As we pull on our sweaters warm,

And count our blessings every morn,

Let's be the hands of hope for those

Whose hearts are weighted down with woes,

With open arms, we'll heed hope's call

Then, Happy Christmas, one and all,

"Peace on earth, Good will to men,

For Christ is born each day again."

Wednesday, 24 November 2021


"I remember everything" - John Prine

I may not remember everything,

But, I still enjoy some good 'time travel' moments, especially on gray days:

Ah, memory, my elusive friend; where have you skipped off to—

Are you back in a tiny home,

By a riverfront, alive with life,

Where excitement tapped on your window,

And brought you an invitation

To a day filled with possibilities?


Are you visiting with dad,

On a sparkling Winter morning,

Watching him don his awesome speed skates,

Then heading out to fly!

Our own Hans Brinker,

Taking a break from

Supporting his family;

The sun greeting him,

The cold breeze bringing  tears to his eyes;

With fresh snow falling around him,

A sense of freedom warming his heart,

Across the ice he speeds,

Keeping  a rhythmic pace,

Left arm tucked behind his back,

A huge smile lighting up his face!


Watching as that feeling of peace overtakes him,

Are you too, flying along

Over the ice-covered river?

Have you noticed that you are not alone—

That a little child has been following you,

Trying to catch up,

Moving closer, with every magical stride,

Tapping you on the shoulder,

Inviting you to reach your arm back,

To take his hand—

Your inner child

Only waits for you to

drop your heavy shoes,

don your skates,

To join him, and to fly!