Friday, 25 May 2012

Time Travel

Time Travel!

This journey called life is a wondrous trip, to be traveled in such a small amount of time – no unlimited air miles!  If we could see time, what might it actually resemble?  Maybe a train, constructed from air and memories (light rail?). We take a baby leap, and hop on board.  At each stop, passengers get on, and some disembark.  In some of the cars, the ride seems to go so fast; in others, the journey seems long, and the end seems very far away.  As our destination gets closer, the train speeds up.  You motion to the conductor to slow down - you realize that the train has become precious - your home, and you are so attached to it; you want the trip to last longer; you want more chances to appreciate aspects of the people and the scenery within the cars – there are still some people and places you haven’t gotten to.  The seat belt, that someone has now insisted that you wear, becomes restricting - you want to get up and walk through the train cars, say hi to people, that you can see in the distance.  At the end of the journey, another train comes along – one with cars that are brighter, without seatbelts; without restrictions; and run on totally renewable energy!  Where that train ends up, nobody really knows, but, once again, we make the leap, and we find our memories already on board, and others waiting to be experienced, filling up new cars, in ways we can’t yet fully understand.  
Perhaps we’d like to get off for awhile - just walk slowly, and look around; Time might then offer a resting place, where we can feel the grass under our bare feet, smell apple blossoms and lilacs on the air, hear the sounds of birds, rippling water, and the beautiful voices of those we love all around us. 
Time can also be a wonderful diversion when left in my typing hands!

The train goes forward,
And the train goes back,
And picks up memories
Along the track.
It adds a car
At every stop,
And picks up speed,
While you yell, ‘Stop!’

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