Thursday, 14 February 2013

Shall I 'Kind Of' Compare Thee

Our daughter suprised her husband with a very special Valentine this morning - a sonnetgram:  Dressed in full formal attire, St. Lawrence Shakespeare Company's Artistic Director, Ian Farthing delivered Shakespeare's Sonnet #18 to our son-in-law while he was at work at the Post Office.  Not to be outdone, I decided to write my own version for my dear husband - my valentine!  I'll be delivering it at dinner tonight:

Shall I ‘Kind Of’ Compare Thee?

You’re kind of special,
Kind of sweet,
Kind of cute,
Kind of neat,
Kind of handsome,
Kind of fine,
Best of all,
You’re very ‘Kind’!
You’d make a perfect
So, would you, kind of, like
Be mine?

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