Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Baby Pictures

Baby Pictures!

How do you make a baby smile?  The things we are willing to get down and do is actually pretty awesome!  Suddenly, the makeup, hair and clothes are totally not an issue.  It’s all in the face and body language – and the number of ways that you can express yourself in ‘goo goo’ talk!  Our eyes are never brighter or wider; our smile is never more honest or engaging; and our play-acting is downright inspiring!  Did I mention that there is no better workout – for the heart, the body, or the soul?  There is also no way that you can fail the language exam!  If fact, the more mistakes you make, and the sillier your sounds become, the higher your reaction score gets!  It’s too bad that we can’t put our cameras in the hands of babies.  What amazing pictures they would take.  They are experts in bringing out the best in us.  We would all be surprised at the way that our love and laughter transforms our faces!  Suddenly, there is that little child again – shining through our wrinkles and crinkles – smiling and laughing, unaware of the depth of beauty that the baby saw. 

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