Wednesday, 12 November 2014

'Lest We Remember'.....

'Lest We Remember........

Forgive me for this turn of phrase on words that have echoed all around us at this time of year...'Lest We Forget'. 

Those words are living:  They hold all of us to account; They ask that we truly do not forget, but put real effort into  remembering - to cherish the freedoms won for us,  to take responsibility for ensuring that we pay our debt in full with the contribution of our actions to help build on those freedoms.

To those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, we owe our respect and gratitude, just as we owe it to all those who have not forgotten, but have built our lives up and gave of themselves from the time we were born to the present: our parents, grandparents, neighbours and dear friends.  The loss of each one is worthy of remembering, in ways that would make them proud of us and of the part that they played in our lives. 

Two minutes, two roses - As we left the cenotaph ceremony in our community, we were grateful to take something with us:  the two minutes of silence that were enriched with our respect and tears, and the mental image of wreaths that were laid and of  two roses that were placed to honour the most recent heroes in mankind's struggle to protect and preserve the best in our humanity.

Those two moments were a gift from young men and women who gave up their lives for our freedoms; They would never get any more minutes with their families.  Let our promise be to never forget, and in our remembering, to build each other up, giving the very best that is in us, every precious minute of our lives.

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