Thursday, 15 October 2015

A Sad Ghost Story!

Halloween - You either hate it or love it, for a whole host of different reasons.   With so many serious issues facing everyone, perhaps it is a good time to take a break from all of the negatives, and to just get down and play with your inner child.   I decided that I would do that this morning, and the result was this little poem that popped into my head and said Boo!  Lighten up!

A Sad Ghost Story
Booooo hooo hooo!   cried  Cornelius ghost,
I'm much too sad
To boo and boast;
I snagged my sheet on an old street post,
And it crumbled up like a piece of toast!
This Halloween, if a cold wind shrieks,
Don't look for witches or crazy freaks,
Just listen for my boo hoo hoo's
It's only me - no sheet, no shoes!
Now you can't see me,
Even when I'm  close,
Oh, I miss my comfortable  sheet the most!
Booooo hoooo hoooooo!

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