Friday, 12 May 2017

At My Mother's Knee

Some memories never fade away,
And that's as it should be,
When they take me back to happy times
And quiet moments  when I'd  find
Myself at Mother's knee.

Special secrets I would share,
Secret hurts and fears,
Nothing seemed too silly there,
With soothing words and hugs to spare,
She'd wipe away my tears.

I'd place my head upon her lap
And feel her hands' caressing,
What peace I felt as I knelt there ,
 Her fingers in my tousled hair,
Receiving mother's blessing.

She'd wrap me in her mother's care,
My smile was her reward;
No one could resist her grin
And soon the giggles would begin,
Good humour was restored.

Those special moments live in me
In love they have been set,
All those lovely memories
Bring me often to my knees
I feel her softness yet.

I close my eyes and hear her voice,
So musical and mild;
No greater gift could ever be,
Than hearing my mom pray for me,
Now I pray for you, my child.

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