Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Who Is My Father?

We expect our dads to be towers of strength, guides and mentors,  but what we really want most from them is a huge heart-felt Dad-hug on a regular basis - for them to tell us they love us.   We need them to accept and love us when we succeed and also when we fail.  We want them to join us in our laughter and play, and to put an arm around us  when we cry bitter tears,  understanding that they are both a part of who we are, necessary for our growth.   On the flip-side, our fathers need those same gifts given back to them as they struggle and succeed, or falter, in their attempts to raise their family.

Who Is My Father?

A hand strong and calloused,
That held onto mine,
A face, rough and wrinkled
With love in each line;

Eyes glinting laughter -
The laugh of a boy,
Who still could find wonder
In small bits of joy.

This life's complicated,
And at times, it's unfair,
And he shed humble tears
When he tripped on despair;

But what joy he created
When he strummed out a song!
He sang out his problems,
And coaxed us along.

With a mind that loved learning,
He  tried hard to guide,
As he  watched my young footsteps
And Followed  with pride.

A heart seeking God,
He laid his soul bare
As he prayed for his family -
A father's tough prayer.

Who is my father?
He's all of these things,
Kept close in my memory;
He still makes my heart sing!

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