Friday, 19 January 2018

Feel The Sun - Be The Sun!

The sun is still up there, just wanting some quiet time and has closed its curtains for a much needed break.  It doesn't mean to offend us by this gesture; perhaps it is just setting an example and giving us some protected space to take our own time for reflection. 

 I try to help the sun out by creating my own small bits of sunshine, for myself and for my fellow life travellers;  some of my favourite attempts come from a paint box of words.  I try to steer away from the depressing colours of complaints, and those that create poor images of myself and others. The words that paint harmful gossip, and inspire only uncomfortable laughter will slowly but surely turn all of the other beautiful colours to a muddy grey - best to avoid!

In the grand scheme of things, we each have the potential to create sunshine by just being honest with ourselves, appreciating and sharing ourselves with others, complete with all of the faults that make us who we are.  The best way to turn a grey day into a sunny one is to take ourselves less seriously - to laugh at ourselves and to share in the humble humour of our humanness: (say that 3 times fast!).

Miss Patient!

Miss patient was a person
With a problem and a pain;
She went to see a doctor,
And she asked him to explain;

“I have a list of symptoms,
Though I don’t like to complain;
I wrote a few things down for you
To try and make it plain:
I’ve a pimple on my elbow,
A cracking in my knee,
And a funny sort of  popping sound
That really bothers me,
A ringing in my ears, a tingling in my thumb,
I can’t put my finger on it,
‘Cause my finger’s feeling numb!"

The doctor was quite patient
As he diagnosed her pain;
"The answer is not easy,
But, I'll keep it short and plain -
It seems to me, Miss Patient,
You've a hyperactive brain!"

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