Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Happy Mothers' Day - Why Worry?

Mothers' Day is coming up on Sunday, and there are wonderful tributes flowing from all sorts of media - mothers are the inspiration behind some of the most beautiful songs and poems.
 I decided to address one of the down-to-earth feelings that we all share as members of this human race, and one that mothers are particularly susceptible to - worrying!  
Sometimes, when we can't seem to get a handle on our problems or get past the bad feelings that pull us down, it can be helpful to write it all out - perhaps in the form of a poem?   And, perhaps in the process, we can have a good hearty laugh at what's bothering us - after all, it can't write back, and I'm not letting it touch my keyboard!

Why Worry?

"Worry, my old friend,
Where've you been?
Where've you been?
It's been minutes since
I've seen your sorry face!

Worry, where'd you go?
For it seems
I've missed you so,
That I couldn't cope
With happy thoughts
That tried to take your place!"

So, worry came back, knocking
At my door,
At my door,
Just when I thought
I simply couldn't
Worry anymore,

"I can see that you've
Been working out,
How wonderful!
How wonderful!
I almost fell asleep
In pleasant dreams,
But, I was worried
That a whole night's sleep
Without you,
Yes, without you,
Would leave my life a bore,
Livened only by my snore!"

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