Friday, 14 January 2022


Time To Do The Dishes!

We all have hopes, and dreams, and wishes,

But, when all is over, said, and done,

Someone has  to wash the dishes;

To shine the pots and add some fun;


We all make messes big and small,

From day to day, the chores pile up,

We find a way past troubles tall,   

But worries stain the strongest cup;


No one travels through a day

Without a few mistakes;

We all break cups along our way,

Or burn some favourite cakes;


Kindness is the glue it takes

To mend those precious stems,

And laughter adds a lustre

To our newly-polished  gems;


 So do your dishes, dry them well,

And spread them out again,

Serve up kindness every day,

Keep those worry stains at bay,

And watch your spirit shine,  


And let me not take life for granted,

Nor myself too seriously,

Somewhere a dish is being washed,

That needs the laughter

Of a child like me!

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