Saturday, 2 April 2022


I used to have a music box

That played a sunny tune,

Oh, how it used to cheer me up

When scary faces crossed the moon!

When the many scary faces of fear and its angry, unpleasant relatives try to bully their way across my hopeful moon, I try to remember the power of the music box!

I love music boxes, wind chimes, bells, and bird songs—anything that causes the air to vibrate with a bright hopeful sound. That's a love that I've carried with me from childhood, when staying over at Grandma's house provided some wonderful tinkling memories. I've written and posted a poem (attached above) about one of my wonderful Grandma memories that still lives in a special bright spot in my heart.

The key to the music box is never far from our reach; we are given a chance to unleash  hopeful notes each time that we direct a kind thought towards someone. That first note of kindness is all that is needed for a host of smiling vibrations to set out on their journey to the moon and back - How good is that!

By collecting bells of all sizes and materials, I've tried to keep those memories alive. At family get-togethers here, it is a treat and a scramble for the kids to grab one of the bells and call us in to dinner!  I've made a point of passing on some of my tinklers to the grandkids; hopefully, they will feel the love that goes with the bells and surrounds them each time that they ring out their gleeful notes (perhaps sometimes a little loudly!)

Here's a poem that I wrote about a warm tinkling memory from my childhood:

Grandma's Music Box

Up on tiptoe, hands outstretched,
My fingers found the key,
Then twice,
A final twist—
And the music was set free!
I held my ear up close to hear
the magic that came out,
So happy was each tiny note
That gaily jumped about;
Then, I quickly scrambled into bed
When Grandma climbed the stairs,
And lay there with the covers up,
All set to say my prayers;
I loved the smell
Of Grandma's hair
As she hugged me into bed,
And just before we went to sleep,
I turned to her and said,
"Thank you Grandma, you're the best,
You are so good to me;
Do you think, perhaps,
Just one more time,
You could turn the music key?"
Grandma's hands
Reached for the key,
The song leaped to her hand,
Once more she was a little girl,
The leader of her band;
She kissed my cheek
And gave a wink,
As she smiled at my delight;
She closed her eyes
Till the music stopped,
And then,
Turned out the light.

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