Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Housework Or Heartwork

Housework or Heartwork!

The sun was shining and the sky was beautiful this morning; those torrid plus 30 deg. temperatures have backed off, and there is a gentle breeze blowing; in other words, it’s perfect weather for enjoying the outdoors. Why am I inside, spinning around like a busy bee, cleaning up the hive, instead of getting out there and visiting those blossoms?!  
Good point!  As I was trying to make up my mind, inspiration tapped me on the shoulder, and reminded me that all of the housecleaning I could possibly do, would not be worth the effort that I put into sending an encouraging note to someone who might need a smile to brighten their day.  No one will remember us for the spotless houses that we kept, but hopefully, they will remember our thoughtfulness in times of need.  On its way out the door, inspiration suddenly had a change of heart and reminded me to check the load in the dryer!  Here’s the poem I wrote to get back at it:

The Day The Bunnies Talked!

I could have done the dishes,
I should have scrubbed the floor,
The laundry basket beckoned,
And the vacuum gave a roar!
    But high above the cupboard doors,
    Dust bunnies called, “Don’t bother us,
    Our furry coats are glorious!”
    Dead soldiers stood victorious,
    Why disturb their chor-ius?
I gently closed the door!

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