Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wheee! I'm Riding!

Wheeee! I’m Riding!

I wish that was what I was yelling, as I stepped onto the pedals of my brand new, fix-all-my-problems-with-riding bike, for my second lesson.  As we headed off – walking our bikes to a parking lot and unused road at the edge of town, I felt like a little kid again – only not the excited one who could hardly wait to try it out – but the insecure little girl who was afraid of falling off and embarrassing herself, once more.  You’d think that I would have developed a bit of confidence and courage in my 60+ years!  I have to give my hubby huge kudos for his patience and his determination to get me ‘back in the saddle’.
He countered all of my scaredy-cat banter about not having the same balance any more; being a lot heavier than the last time I was on a bike (30 years ago!), with that great reverse psychology line:  “Ok, so you don’t have to ride if you don’t want to  - we’ll take the bike back!”  DARN!  I DO want to ride; so I started to pay attention to the way I was riding, and what the problem was with my attempts to turn the bike around.  For one thing, I had both of the handlebars in a stranglehold!  When I loosened up a bit, and did as my coach said, and leaned into the turns a bit – lo and behold – progress!   By the time the hour’s practice was up, I was actually able to ride the bike home!  Remind me to send a card to that lovely cyclist that I cut off – She seemed to be sincerely sympathetic, what with the heartfelt greeting that she yelled at me, and all!    Wheeee!

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