Thursday, 19 June 2014

Off With Her Hat!


Life is a highway,

Crossing hills and streams,

But it’s often on a detour

That we realize our dreams.


On the highway, there is loud noise, fast decisions to be made, and frustration at slow or reckless drivers - so much impatience for the sake of a one-to-five minute interval of time, saved or lost.  We are all fellow travelers on life's highway, each in need of and deserving of, a hearty dose of  B.O.D. (benefit of the doubt).

Lately, my head has been longing for quiet drives down beautiful country roads and lanes, where nothing is asked but just to let go, throw off the hat and to slow down and breathe. 

 ‘Take me home, country roads, to the place I belong'.   John Denver has been gone 15 years but I find myself right back where I belong every time I turn on his music and listen to his thoughtful lyrics.  Many times it's the stereo in my head playing, and that amazing sound system doesn't drain any power source; it just seems to replace negatives and add positive charges - How good is that?!  (love this 'Jane expression'!)

So, when one of  life's detours off of its busy highway comes along, the delay  may initially be frustrating but, given time, we may hear its voice speaking or singing in a calm reassuring manner:  ‘Why not have a look around since we’re now committed to each other?’

A highway is not always the surest, and certainly not the most peaceful way to a destination - and we occasionally need to follow our heart's GPS: perhaps a trip down a beautiful old side road is actually the route we were looking for all along.  As I fly (make that flutter) along on life’s bi-ways, letting my hat fly off,  that cool, peaceful breeze of tolerance feels wonderfully refreshing!

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