Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Welcome Christmas!

Christmas has spread its wings and is soaring towards us - How wonderful!  It is wearing its finest garments - feathers of magnificent colours and textures; in its voice, a multitude of songs - of every note and nationality.  Love adorns its eyes as it sings in flight to meet us.   Hope fills its heart and bursts forth in hymns of peace on earth.  Let us welcome this beautiful, fragile guest with care; prepare our homes generously - put aside our dingy garbs of doubt and skepticism and dress ourselves in the beautiful love that is within us. 

 We all know the wonderful feeling of watching others opening gifts that we have given them, chosen with love; of seeing them benefiting from and using those gifts with joy and excitement!    Let us take a close look at how we have used our own gifts - those that the spirit of Christmas has given us and waits expectantly for us to open, time and again.  Have we recognized the great love that went into choosing them, or will Christmas arrive and find its gifts unopened and unappreciated, when the world is so much in need of our sharing? 

As Christmas draws close to us, it is a confidant to all of our hearts' true desires.  Let us open our hearts and trust that the unique gifts that Christmas brings to each of us are the most fantastic gifts that we have ever been given.  Let us take great joy in opening them and recognizing those riches: building blocks for hope, love and peace.   Then let us open our arms and truly welcome Christmas.


  1. Well said! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Thank you Rilla - Can't wait to see what to see what you do with your 'gifts' - they're fantastic! Merry Christmas!