Monday, 15 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Nan, I love you - You're the best!
This whole 'rant' began to take form after my recent 3 a.m. TV viewing of 'It's a Wonderful Life'.  Through my bleary eyes, I watched and blubbered as the message of the tremendous ripples created by every life, unfolded and enfolded me:

I have two notes that I carry in my pocket;  one is a list with my children's names on it, the other is a little note from one of my granddaughters that reads, 'Nan, your the best'.  There is no greater compliment and nothing that warms the heart and says thank-you like those simple words - Honest words of love that come straight from an innocent heart.

 When I think that I have screwed up and wasted my time - that the efforts that I have made to try and contribute something positive to the world have been small and insignificant, I put my hand into my pocket and feel the love that emanates from those two well-worn notes, and I am reminded of what our bottom line in life should always be: growing love, in whatever directions our lives takes us.

The Advent calendar is running out, together with those yummy daily chocolates!  May I suggest that we make up a special 'pocket box' for the remainder of the season: In the days left before the celebration of the birth of Christ, let us place notes in His 'pocket' - notes that say, 'I love you - You're the best!'  and sign our names to them.  On Christmas morning, we can be sure that He will reach into His pocket, and feel those notes - notes well-worn by the love of His hands, as he has taken them out and read them every day - Better than chocolate!
Merry Christmas!

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