Monday, 5 January 2015

My New Year's Resolution - Smile!

Dieting and getting in shape are the top New Year's resolutions every year.  Here's a suggestion that is guaranteed to lift some of the excess weight in our lives - provided we approach the exercise with a sincere heart:
A New Year's Resolution - Smile!

This year I'm going to get in shape,

I'll start from the inside;

As soon as I get out of bed,

Instead of touching toes to head,

I'll touch my funny bone instead,

And exercise my smile!


The gym is open all day long;

No membership required;

No need to pay your annual dues,

No need for special socks or shoes,

Just eyes that notice who could use

A great uplifting smile!


The work-out is an easy one,

It's very undemanding,

Results will be immediate,

My heart will soon be much more fit,

And it won't hurt one little bit,

To exercise my smile!

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