Friday, 17 April 2015

A Knock Knock Symphony!


A Knock  Knock  Symphony!

Knock, knock, who's there?

I'm listening to our neighbourhood symphony this morning – Ah! the quiet! – just the birds, the soft rustling of  leaves ….. and a human woodpecker somewhere in the background, shingling his roof - hammering his heart out! 
An actual woodpecker, possibly sensing the competitive power of that human bird’s pounding, started up his own version of  'Hammer Time';  He was ramping up to warp speed - a woodpecker can peck up to 20 pecks per second – 'Take that, you human!'

 He stopped briefly to check on the competition and to stare pityingly at the poor fool who didn’t know enough to use his head; He was getting absolutely no food coming out of the boards on that roof that he was working away at - " an arm with a stick? Ridiculous!  not nearly as effective as a good old noggin knockin'!"

"Wait - What's this?  His mate just handed him a tall drink of something and a bag full of food!  Perhaps the stick pounding thing was a mating call?  Where's my mate?  Someone get me a stick!"


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