Monday, 1 June 2015

The Skeptics' Dilemma

The Skeptics' Dilemma


Skeptics come, and skeptics go,

Their mantra being, "It 'ain't so!"

But deep within their hearts they know

That doubt alone is not enough,

That they are made of sacred stuff,

So, on they search for what rings true.


Truth is silent, so to speak,

If what is 'so' is what they seek,

Their minds must then in silence meek,

Submit themselves to spiritual realm,

And wrestle God who holds the helm,

And calms the storms that we create.


Drop anchor in this sea of doubt,

When our ship of life gets tossed about,

And our spirits writhe and scream and shout;

The rock of faith that lies below

Will aid the seekers of the 'so',

Will hold us firm, and calm our sea.


And so, it goes, in our to's and fro's,

In our hope-filled highs, and our let-down lows,

In bursts of light and in dark shadows;

Doubts abound; we're bound to have them,

Searching waters we can't fathom,

We lose our grip on our preciousness.


We all are seekers of the 'so',

Searching for the deeper flow,

Hoping that someday we'll know.

Perhaps it's not so complicated,

Doubt is highly overrated,

Truth and love are 'so' related,

Then so be it, for it is so.

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