Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Dad, Just Being Himself!

Dad -  Just being himself!


Is that you Dad? 

As I sat here thinking about my dad, I suddenly heard, 'Ah, How's my little darling dumpling?' and a warmth filled my heart.

This silly little nickname that our dad had given us girls, always made us smile and feel loved, no matter what antics we had been up to or how intense our squabbling; We were still ok - we all knew how much dad loved dumplings!  Just hearing it in my head has caused me to smile once more, and to reflect on how difficult it must have been for him to pull out funny one-liners or to soothe us with his songs, on days when life was far from easy, but gifts like those make wonderful, uplifting memories.  They are a powerful healing potion for bruised and battered egos that are determined to hang on with all of their might to hurts that were suffered over the years.

One of the most important and difficult jobs that a Dad has to do is to love himself for all that he is and in spite of his faults, to open himself up to being vulnerable and then letting others see him for who he is, with all of his spots.    It sets a humble example for his children who need someone to accept them as individuals with their own endless potential - potential that they will feel encouraged to develop, because they are loved unconditionally for who they are.   Children need parents who are strong, in many ways, when they are coping with life's storms,  and there is great strength in humility, in kindness, and in being able to maintain a good sense of humour -  wonderful weight-lifting tools that Dad used daily!
   I believe that our loved ones are never really gone from us, and it's always a wonderful affirmation when they tap us on the shoulder or whisper in our ear, and remind us of their presence:
"When lightening charges
With its sword of light,
And cuts a wound
In the peace of night,
And shakes you awake
With a thundering quake,
Just close your eyes
And hold on tight.

When the sky grows grey
And opens its taps,
And shouts so loud
That the clouds collapse,
You needn't fear,
For I'm always near,
I'll be holding your hand
When the thunder claps!"

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