Sunday, 14 June 2015

Digging Out My Wings!

Digging out my Wings!

'Angels Watching Over Me' - I pulled out Amy Grant's CD this morning, and was listening to it as I went about cleaning the dishes, and thinking about cleaning the rest of the house.  Here I am, an hour later,  still thinking about it  - the song and the cleaning!  The whole subject of angels walks the fine line between hope and skepticism.  A very wise and beautiful aunt recently sent me a card telling me that she has become more aware of her own guardian angel watching over her and inspiring her with encouragement, wisdom, and an awareness of God's loving protection as she struggles with the challenges both physically and intellectually of her aging body.  She sent the message to encourage me and mine to not give up hope - to know that we are each much loved and worth so much more than our human minds can fathom. 

Rather than making ourselves and others sick with gloom and doom thoughts, worries about loved ones or about  the sorry state of the world, I have been reminded, once again, to pull up my attitude.   We are not alone, and we are really not in charge, no matter how many gurus give us the opposite message.   Rather, we are precious children all, big and small,  short and tall, and we all need help when we stumble and fall. 

Whether you believe in angels or not, the truth is that without hope, this life has no meaning, so we should welcome its messengers, whatever form they take:  angels, friends, or strangers with kind smiles and actions, who carry it with them and pass it on to us.

I usually grope, eyes half open, towards that first cup of coffee to start my engine each morning - Perhaps I should be reaching first for the hands of my Guardian Angel - hands that have been given a very busy task list, watching over me!   In gratitude, there is no reason that I can't put on my own small wings of hope and lighten someone else's journey today. 

 Pass it on - halos are optional!

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