Monday, 29 August 2016

My Ruby Shoes

My Ruby Shoes
Click, click, 'There's no place like home!'   There are so many clichés surrounding this one word, 'home' - that space where we feel that we belong, where we head for comfort when the pressures of life in the big world threaten to crush us, where unconditional love is generously dished out, satisfying our true hunger.

 A warm and welcoming home might not be a reality for all of us, but we all have a home that has nothing to do with our physical dwelling places, one that is located within our hearts, calling us to come in for regular meals of encouragement, to be bandaged up with a few strong hugs, to set down our load of harmful clutter.  We are all responsible for making sure that our 'home's welcome mat is dusted off and prominently displayed in our eyes and smiles; no fancy fixtures needed - just the genuine warmth of a little light.
The key is always under the mat - or tucked into the toe of a ruby shoe.  Those shoes are more than just decorative - they're a sparkling porthole that calls to each of us to follow our own unique path that leads to home - where the heart is:

My Ruby Shoes

My heart is walking,
Walking around,
In a pair of ruby shoes,
And wondering about
That clicking sound
That it cannot seem to lose.

With every step,
And every click,
It listens for a clue;
It dares not stop
Nor take them off,
Though they're leading it somewhere new.

I realize that my
Heart seems to have
A  destiny all its own,
And those clicking sounds
Are its gentle waves 
Carrying me back home.

To home,
Not a place,
But a state of mind
Where warmth and welcome meet,
Where love walks around in ruby shoes
That click with each heartbeat.

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