Thursday, 8 September 2016

A Mother's Reflection:

My newborn slept against my breast,
And I whispered, "How beautiful."
I held him out to the world,
And it echoed, "How beautiful."
I sent him into the world,
And the world touched him
And I felt pride, and I felt fear.
He came home wounded,
And I held him against my breast,
And I whispered,  "How unfair."
Then I sent him out again,
Armed with tools that I hoped would help:
Love, faith, patience, tolerance, kindness, listening skills,
And I said to him, "Be my peacemaker."
He came back home confused and wounded,
And I said to him, "Don't despair, you are growing, and I am so proud of you,
This pain will be part of your strengthening."
And he went back into the world,
Bruised, but determined and hopeful.
Then he laughed,
And the heart of the world skipped a beat,
For he had touched the world, and it had responded,
He became aware of a unique something within that he possessed,
That was his to build, develop, and share.
He wondered aloud, "Who am I?"
And a voice answered;
He knew that voice,
It whispered, "How beautiful."
And again,
"You are mine, you are more precious
Than you can possibly imagine."
And this mother echoed in gratitude,

"How beautiful!"

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