Friday, 28 October 2016

I decided to look at the'fun' rather than the scary side of Halloween, and came up with this little treat - Hope it gives you a smile!

Hallowe'en Fairies?

They're rarely seen
On Hallowe'en,
But you might hear them call;
With twittering notes,
In colourful coats,
Hiding out in the leaves
Every Fall.

They fly through the trees,
And land where they please,
Filling the air with their giggles;
When you're not aware,
They'll pull on your hair,
And laugh as they watch
You squiggle! 

You don't need to run,
They just want to have fun,
They'd rather have smiles
Than candy,
So this Hallowe'en,
If those fairies are seen,

Just keep your best laughs handy!

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