Saturday, 17 December 2016

Huddling Together At Christmas!

Perhaps it's this fresh fall of snow that has me thinking back to our little home and how much Christmas meant to all of us.  It was the great equalizer - every child had the same chance to get onto Santa's 'nice' or 'naughty' list, and we all shared the same hope  - that the Child in the Manger came for everyone.
I took a mental trip back home, and put some thoughts down in the form of this poem - I hope that it touches the little child in all of you as we huddle together in the warmth of this Christmas season. 

 Huddling Together At Christmas!
Huddling together
By the old oil stove,
With the sound of the wind in the chimney flue;
There's snow on the roof
And it pounds on the door
And the ice has the windowsill stuck like glue!

But oh, the excitement
That fills the air,
For, it's Christmas Eve and there's hope all around,
The wind's no match
For the strength of our song
As our voices join in glorious sound.

We've hung our stockings
And said our prayers,
Put on our pajamas and hopped into bed,
With our eyes closed tight
Can we make it through the night?
I won't let the Sandman see me raise my head!

At light of dawn,
On Christmas morn',
We're huddling together 'neath the Christmas tree,
There's candy, nuts,
And colouring books,
And packaged surprises - Whose will they be?

With Dad on guitar,
We giggle out songs,
If we miss some words, we don't mind in the least,
The smell of the turkey
Fills the house,
And mom is the artist who creates our feast!

These Christmas memories
Come back each year;
They lift my heart and make me smile; 
Though the wind blew fierce,
Outside our door,

Our home fed the hope of this little child!

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