Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Chain

The Chain

I believe that we are being born anew every day - given another chance.
Who we are,  our essence or spirit, is in the process of becoming with each breath that we take;
our spirit does not require a diet of huge achievements - it is constantly feeding off of our attitude,  It grows more beautiful with every positive thought and accomplishment, every smiling link that we add to the whole.   With each act of kindness, we are strengthening our link in the chain of life, and feeding it the energy that it needs, to be strong for all of the other links - our parents, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, friends - all those that we hold in our hearts and who count on us.

 When the seas get rough, we can secure our vessels with that wonderful supporting chain:

Hold onto the chain,
In the midst of your pain,
Trust in the strength of each link;
Though doubts may obscure it,
Have faith and be sure, it's
Stronger by far than you think.

With great love they speak,
Each voice so unique,
Timeless, they're born yet again,
These links built of love,
Drawing strength from above,
Hand in hand forming the chain.

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