Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Colour Of Sunshine

The colour of sunshine!
 This was the title of one of the pieces of music that I was listening to as I did my Tai Chi routine this morning.  I find the slow meditative pace of this exercise to be a time of deep and creative thought, and of heartfelt prayer.

Though I can't see the colour of sunshine, or the substance of prayer, I know that both have the power to lift my heart and spirit.  As the sun draws warm colours from everything it touches, and gives back life-giving food to mankind and the earth, I believe that prayer, though invisible to the human eye, is viewed as a beautiful, powerful rainbow of hope by the soul which, as it is lifted, shares its own amazing colours, adding to the brightness and warmth in the world.

The colour of sunshine
Depends on its diet;
If it drinks from the ocean,
Or a lake laying quiet,
Then it puts on bright blue,
With a sparkle of green,
And its hair sometimes gleams
With a hint of marine.

While crossing a meadow,
It bounces off flowers,
It feeds on red clover,
And sends back rose showers;
It picks up blue tips
From the bluegrass, I'm told,
And to compliment dandelions
Dons its bright gold.

The colour of prayer
Depends on its diet;
If it drinks caring thoughts
From a soul that is quiet,
Then it puts on bright blue
As it soars high above,
And returns, dressed in gold,
As it echoes God's love.

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