Monday, 31 July 2017

I smiled at someone today - I smiled that smile forever.

We are never really ready to say goodbye to our loved ones -
 How do we cope with the shock that sets in when someone we care deeply about dies too early or unexpectedly?
  We go to our cupboard and pull out the warmest coat that we can find; sewn with love by a wonderful supporting group of family and friends.  That garment may be frayed at the neck and arms from being worn so often, and it may be missing a few strands of our favourite colours; but the Creator looks on it and repairs it each time a thread breaks.

  His repair kit includes our  every smile and kind gesture.   If you want to know what eternity is, look no further than your smile; The kindness in your eyes and the breadth of your smile is the most precious gift we can offer; Once it is given, it doesn't just go away, it is an irreplaceable stitch that is woven into the fabric of that coat - for eternity.

 Those who go to the cupboard can be sure of finding it there - waiting to do what only a familiar, favourite coat can do - warm our souls, wrap us in its arms tightly, and remind us that our loved one's smiles and kindnesses are part of its fabric forever.

When my heart is numb,
My mind a blur,
And I've pushed away the memories  there,
I reach into my trembling heart,
And feel a warmth come over me,
For I find that smile still shining clear.

Within that smile,
 I see those eyes,
And I hear a voice that calls to me,
"All the love I've given you
Is yours for all eternity."

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