Sunday, 13 August 2017

Who Am I – In Twenty Minutes?!

I’d love to introduce myself, but I don’t know who I am – yet!   It’s life’s great mystery, isn’t it?    Every moment that I’m alive changes me – so, I guess I’m a work in progress.  If you ask me who I am twenty minutes from now, I will have grown and fulfilled twenty more minutes of my life by finishing this ‘rant’, and it will have changed my mind set – I will not be the same person.  I will be twenty minutes older; the world will be twenty minutes older, and whatever I have invested in that time will remain with this world. 

With every breath we take, we have the potential for meaningful thought – that is a wonderful gift; our symphony, to direct in whatever way we choose.  Sometimes a beautiful piece of music takes me on a trip to inspiration land, and voila! – my thoughts have been lifted to new levels.

 Every one of us is our own student, teacher, our own scholar; Our subject matter can be as simple as noticing, observing, and learning from the actions of a house fly or a spider, a petal opening on a blossom; or as complex as picking up a book of philosophy and letting our minds absorb whatever rings true to us in that media.  Graduation day is actually broken down into graduation minutes. None of us knows how many ‘twenty minutes’ we will have left to grow and change and become; I’d like to introduce myself – just wait twenty minutes!

I'm a wondrous work in progress,
A conundrum to be sure;
When I wake up every morning,
When my thoughts are still a blur,
Before I even raise my head,
And start to take thoughts in,
Life turns a brand new page for me,
A chance to write a melody,
Then offers me the pen;
The words I write
Might help or heal,
Might change a life,
But then,
I'm still a work in progress,

I won't know till I begin.

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