Saturday, 2 September 2017

No Ordinary Thing!

No Ordinary Thing!

No matter how many times I watch a child jumping in a puddle, skipping rope, playing hide -and-seek, or swinging, I am amazed at how beautiful these ordinary actions are, and how powerful their ripple effects can be;  I automatically stop and smile when I witness their play; a positive ripple, created out of thin air, with the power to change my mood.

  Children love to give gifts - pictures they have drawn, an original dance routine, notes and stories that they have written and ones that their voices create, in the form of songs or jokes.  They have an inner desire to share their gifts.  Over time, that desire becomes either stronger or weaker depending on their sense of freedom to share.  They notice our actions as much as our words, so Let us set an example for them; grab hold of our own inner child and jump into life's puddle with enthusiasm and courage as we share our own gifts:

It was something ordinary,
But a treasure that I'll save;
It clothed the extraordinary,
Music turned into a story;
A child's sweet gift she gave;

She sang a song about a dream;
No sooner did she start,
Than the simple little melody,
Very unexpectedly,
Reached right into my heart;

I was, once again, that little child,
Swinging in a  tree,
Seeing colours in its bark,
Then, piling leaves up in the park,   
And it delighted me!

She looked at me with hopeful eyes
As she laughed the final note;
No other would be quite like this,
Signed and given with a kiss;
A lump formed in my throat;

It was something unexpected,
On an ordinary day,
But, to touch a heart  and make it sing
Is no simple ordinary thing -

It's a miracle at play!

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