Saturday, 30 September 2017

A Pause In Nature

I love the Fall season, when Mother Nature takes a deep breath, a pause, and calls, "Break Time!"  Then she gathers up all of the stresses of the rest of the year and lets them all go in one glorious coloured exhalation.  
 Those stresses may have been in the form of uplifting growth experiences, or the weighty regrets of our individual unique gifts that have been left un-added to life's beauty;  Add in the fears created by world events and it's no wonder that our posture becomes less than erect and our gait slower .  Then along comes Nature with her reminder to be patient with ourselves,  that the year is maturing, and so are we, as day by day we release our own amazing colours into the world, both in our speech and in our actions.
  In this season of thanksgiving, as  Autumn colours swirl around us, Let's take her lead, and exhale - just let it all go;  A humble, quiet walk can be just what the doctor ordered:

A Humble Walk, A Silent Talk

I contemplated God's beauty
As I walked in the woods;
I breathed in His peace,
And it did my heart good.

In this green sanctuary,
In soft, quiet mood,
I lowered my head,
And it did my heart good.

How many have passed here,
And paused where I stood?
I greeted their presence,
And it did my heart good.

My spirit watched humbly
As leaves gently fell,
And covered my footsteps
'Till no one could tell
That one Fall afternoon
I had come to these woods,
I had partaken peace;
It had done my heart good.

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