Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Battle Cry

The Battle Cry

Remembrance Day is happening this weekend, and there are solemn services and acts taking place throughout this week.  Each year, while I stand at the cenotaph, I think of the mindset of those veterans who saw so many horrors, horrors that are still happening in many countries around the world; and I offer sincere prayers of thanks for the freedoms we have inherited, thanks to their sacrifice.  I tried to imagine what might have gone through their young minds and hearts as they heard the battle cry, and I wrote this cautionary poem for them,  a reminder that calls to action are happening daily for each of us.  Let us honour their memory and their sacrifice by stepping forward to help, lest we forget, and answer, "Not today". 

               Not Today

Two soldiers heard the battle cry,
Their blood grew cold within;
One thought of home, of loved ones dear;
The other, love that had not been,
Of chances that had passed him by
While he said, "Not today."

He thought of works he meant to do,
Of things he meant to say,
To his parents and his relatives
 To friends, moved far away,
And he regretted now his words,
"I'll work on that, but not today."

Each hour, the battle cries are heard
By soldiers, just like you and I,
When those in need call out our name,
Do we march forth, or not reply;
If we forget, we may regret
The race we have not won,
The love we've left un-nurtured,
The good we've left undone,

The choice is ours to make each day,
When cries fall on our ears,
When those in need, the marginalized,
Voice their hopes and fears;
As we listen, young and old,
Let's not let our hearts grow cold,
Don't tell them, "Not today".

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