Thursday, 1 February 2018

Mental Health Issues affect everyone, and it is so important to support all of the initiatives that are breaking down the harmful stigmas that are keeping people from recognizing symptoms and seeking help.  Laughter and humour can be powerful coping tools for all of us, as can the act of nurturing:

Talking To My Plants

I talk and talk and pour it out;
The philodendron's all worn out!
 The poor hibiscus is in a state,
The aloe plant can hardly wait
For me to rest my vocal glands,
The prayer plant just threw up her hands!
She's talking to her plants again,
She offers them a drink,
They're very good at listening
When she's deep into a think;
They never interrupt her,
When her mind's on the attack;
They welcome her encouragement
And try to give some back;
They share a secret nature knows;
Life is a giving wheel,
To nurture beauty where one goes
Leads our hearts to heal,
One more circle,
One more time,
It's our turn at the wheel.

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