Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Dream Train

'I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.'   - Steven Wright
A recent issue of 'Discovery' magazine had an interesting article in it about the overlooked importance of daydreaming - who knew?  Apparently, it is when our minds are given the freedom to explore and  travel to wherever the moment takes it, that revelations occur; when a completely unrelated dream can lead us to look at a problem in a whole new way.  For all of you fellow daydream travellers out there - all aboard!

            The Dream Train

There's a train that comes by often,
A muse who calls to me,
"Come hop aboard, forget your work,
Let's see what we can see!"

"No ticket will be needed,
No carry-on", says she;
”Only thoughts will be collected,
And dreams can travel free."

It picks  me up at random,
While my mind is caught off guard,
Floating on a piece of  music,
Or wandering  through the yard.

It leaves at no particular time
And often takes detours,
There's food for thought in the dining car,
Where imagination stirs;

Travelling in my private car,
Alone, I ride along,
Oblivious to the outside world,
Lost in my own song,
So quiet is the engine,
You can miss time passing through,
Till you wake -  the ride is over,
And a dream steps off with you!

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