Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Calm Before The Storm

'The calm before the storm' is a well-known idiom that carries some pretty depressing baggage with it.  It tends to serve up foreboding and a sense of doom.   It has many cousins that carry similar gloomy messages:  'Just wait, this beautiful weather can't last.',  'We're going to pay for all of this good weather.' 'Don't get used to it, it's only March.'   etc. etc.
Why can't we just embrace outpourings of happiness, love, good weather, whatever positives that  happen to come our way, and not feel guilty,  or be apprehensive that bad things will surely follow - and while we're at it, why not be the authors of some happiness?

A Calm In The Storm

There is a calm before each storm,
Or so we've come to think,
And isn't it an awful shame
We let our spirits sink;
Before our souls have time to rest,
To  bask awhile in gentleness,
Thoughts break in of what might come,
When soft turns harsh, when calm is done;
Why waste the balm of healing scents
And healing sounds, when worries stop;
Why let unquiet walk with us,
And wait for some great shoe to drop;
Let's wrap our arms around it tight,
Embrace the calm - soak in its light,
Bid our hearts to see the good,
And shout our thanks, for well we should;

Enjoy this day - this gift we've got,
For night may come, or it may not;
Let calm surround us every day,
And when despair gets in our way,
Then tiny acts of love perform,
And be the calm that quells the storm.

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