Thursday, 5 July 2018

Lament For Friendship

Life is always both unpredictable and precious, and friendship is to be cherished.  It saddens me to see and hear the damage to the very special friendship that we have held with our neighbours to the South.  Let us pray that respect and healing will gain the upper hand.

Lament For Friendship
 What a sad thing,
When friends fall out,
And lose togetherness,
Becoming less;
When our common goals and aspirations
Become frayed - torn at the edges,
When talk is for show,
Fleeting bravado,
That weakens our bonds,
Leaves us struggling to cope,
Grasping at hope;

Why plant seeds of doubt,
What's this fear all about?
And what thanks do we send
To our struggling earth  mother,
As we feign to defend
Each from the other;

What do we gain
By inflicting pain;
In the glare of  'beware!',
How do we repair?

'Neath the weight of our words,
Our hearts long for peace,
For hurts to be healed,
For struggle to cease;

Then, let our falling out be ended,
And hands of friendship be extended;  
Around this world, our common home,
Let's build a wall of toleration,
Made up of every tribe and nation's
Hands joined together in respect and love;
That would be a wall
That we could all get behind.

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