Saturday, 21 July 2018

Step 1 - Eat The Frog!

Step 1 - Eat the frog!

 I have a beautiful little Friendship Book, given to me when we first moved to Prescott by a lovely neighbour who took one of those meaningful first steps; Elizabeth and her husband, Michael came over to welcome us to the neighbourhood.  Little did she realize that reading one excerpt from that little book each day has become part of my morning ritual - It gives me a boost from sleep to smile.  I especially love its one reference to an old piece of folk wisdom that states, "If the first thing you do each day is eat a frog, then nothing worse will happen for the rest of the day."  How many of the things that we fear are as scary as that?
We will never know how far our unique ripples will flow until we take that first step into the stream each day, and carry our own personal frog to higher ground.

One Tiny Step

The first tiny step
Is the one that will lead,
That will start your whole process of growing;
It's the one to encourage,
As it breaks from its bonds
And carries us into unknowing;

Though the road be unclear,
The tools not too near,
They will come to your hand
By and by,
If you say to that step,
"I give you permission
To drive my life forward, to try";

For each tiny step
Has the power to move,
To make ripples of hope
In life's stream;
You may fall off the track,
But, at least looking back,
You'll be further ahead
Than you've been!

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