Thursday, 23 August 2018

Someone once said, "It's the start that stops most of us."    That has certainly been the case for me lately; I find that my great intentions at the start of each day end up somewhere between full-stop and the back of the distraction line.   Focus Edie focus!  For all of you trying to share your own artistic or writing gifts with others, I encourage you to just start with one word, one line, one doodle at a time.   In my case, I worked out my frustrations by writing a literary doodle, a little poem that you can probably relate to:

A Literary Lull
Hello page -
It's me again,
I've had another coffee;
But all it did was make me shake,
No inspiration in its wake,
No powerful ripples for me;

So, I'm back
To think and sigh,
Heavy head and heavy heart,
Filled with words that won't leave home,
Hanging on, afraid to roam,
Lest faults they might impart;

For words have power
To hurt or heal,
And that is no small matter,
And so, in matters literary,
Some re-write is necessary,
But first -  I need to start!

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