Saturday, 8 September 2018

Nan Is Going Crazy!

I don't always have the answers to our grandchildren's  questions, or the energy to join in their requests of  'Let's play!', but the little child in me is still delighted when I am invited;  It's a beautiful thing to be included in their world, to be looked up to and believed in.   We could all benefit from putting their gift of total acceptance to work, believing in ourselves.   They will pick up on our positive attitude and build on that example of self-confidence, a valuable gift that keeps on giving.

Nan Is Going Crazy!

"Paint my fingers,
Paint my toes,
Wrap me up
In whacky clothes!"
I'm not sure,
You don't suppose
Nan might be going crazy?!

She's on the floor,
She's off the wall,
I hope she knows
That she could fall?
She doesn't act adult at all,
She's certainly not lazy!

Pop was laughing,
Now, he's not,
He's heading for
A safer spot,
Too much energy
She's got,
She's going oopsy-daisy!

He doesn't know
It's just in fun -
Pop is dialling
Hold on  Pop,
Our Nan is back,
Safely on the adult track,
No danger of a heart attack -
Our playmate isn't crazy!

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