Friday, 28 September 2018

Michaelangelo and A Little Girl

Inspired by the image and sound bite of the Gatineau man hanging tightly to the hand of his daughter who was being swept up in last Friday's tornado - refusing to let go of her, I was reminded of Michelangelo's famous painting, The Creation of Adam.  It depicts the finger of God reaching to give life to Adam - Not quite touching - imparting the spark of life.  So many messages can and have been interpreted in this  powerful image;  I chose to see in it the creation of God's great love for man - His never letting go of us.   We have a Father who is constantly reaching out for us, and when we happen to lose our grip at times, He reaches even further and bridges the gap when we call out to Him.

We build our bridges,
Strong and wide
To take us to
The other side
Of the space between
The here and there,
An abyss unknown
And fraught with care;
Don't look down!  I cried;

Please don't let go,
I am so small,
So afraid that
I will fall;
I need some help
To cross this path
My faltering pace,
Guide with your grace,
The strongest bridge of all;

I'm reaching for
Your hand, Father,
As you reach out
For mine;
You calm the waters,
Cruel and wild,
You bridge the gap
And guide your child,
Across a bridge divine.

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