Friday, 19 October 2018

Inspiration, Respiration, Whatever - Just Breathe!

In today's world of increasing tensions, we have forgotten how to breathe - to breathe deeply of life's beauty, and to truly comprehend what that beauty means.   We are constantly shallow breathing, gulping at the problems and troubles that surround us, until our poor lungs give up waiting for the healthy air they need in order to open up, and we lose consciousness or awareness.

There is beauty to inhale everywhere we look, if we are focused on seeing it; those beautiful coloured leaves flying through the air, a little bird sitting on a branch singing with all its might;  I am looking down now at the crocheted throw on my lap - each stitch the work of our niece's loving hands;  I let myself breathe in the sound of her infectious laugh.  The act of sorting out the negatives to leave room for those pieces of positive is an essential breathing exercise.   I am even deep breathing the sight of that squirrel who is now running off with our last tomato!

Each season brings its own unique gifts, as do we all; Note to self:  breath in all of their beauty before they move on - at least that's the advice a little violet gave me:

Miss Violet's Wisdom
One bright Spring day,  while gardening,
Amidst my flowering throng,
Pulling weeds,
Planting seeds,
I sang a cheery song;

A bumble bee said, "Pardon Me,
You're picking from my row!   
Move on, move on,
Just get along,
And don't forget your hoe!"

A tiny violet touched my hand,
And said, "For goodness sake!
That bee was rude,
 Such attitude -
He always wants to take;

I love your song,
 I'll nod along;
Why not put down the rake?"
And since the sun was very hot,
I sat down for a break;

"Why all the fuss?", Miss Violet said,
"And why your worried brow?
Don't you see the beauty
That's all around you now?

And, don't you know how lovely
Are the smiles you strew about,
Those cheerful flowers from deep inside,
Are the prettiest, no doubt.

When you think your garden's messy,
That your efforts are in vain,
Remember why you planted it,
What you hoped to gain,
You're a part of life's great chorus,
So smile, and sing again!"

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