Saturday, 10 November 2018

Passing The Torch

This Remembrance Day is especially poignant, as it celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the 1st World War.  In reflecting on the sacrifices made for the freedoms that we enjoy, I am reminded that the hands of those brave men still reach out today, passing the torch to all of us, to hold  high and spread its light:

Passing The Torch
When day falls down
With setting sun,
Look back, look back,
What have we done?
The torch was passed
To you and I;
"Don't falter now!"
We hear their cry,
"Be not afraid,
Stand straight and tall,
And do not heed
The  tempter's  call
To turn your back,
To walk away,
Or put off for
Another day,
The work that waits,
That pulls your heart,
And hopes that you
Will do your part";

To each of us
A bit of light
Is  given as a seed,
It glows and grows
With every gift
We give to one in need;                 "
The torch is ours
To hold on high,
Let's  spread its light
Across the sky!

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