Monday, 24 December 2018

My Friend And I

At Christmas time, it is good to remember that the most precious gifts are the ones that we share with family and dear friends - the gifts of priceless memories:

My Friend And I

We built a fort,
My friend and I,
With leaves and twigs,
Branches and moss;
The rain came down,
But not on us,
Save for a tiny drop or two
That found a hole in our friendly nest.

We shared a snack,
My friend and I,
Discovered apples,
Tart and sweet;
We ate them up,
Our banquet neat,
Save for a tiny bite or two,
And those we shared with a chipmunk guest!

We headed home,
My friend and I,
And gathered treasures
On our way,
The sun went down,
The sky went dark,
Save for a brilliant star or two,
That shone on two friends, richly blessed.

Now, thoughts of forts
Have come to rest,
And pleasant dreams
Are what is left;
The secret joys,
Of two small boys,
And, save for a memory lapse or two,
That world still fills my treasure chest!

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