Friday, 1 February 2019

One More Cup Of Tea

On a cold and blustery day, such as today, when the Winter Blahs are beating at my door, thoughts of warmth in its many forms can be the perfect answer to that annoying knocking;   As I mature in age and, hopefully, in wisdom, I still find it satisfying to occasionally reach back into my childhood days, bring out that rebellious, often-used retort, and say to time,
"You're not the boss of me!"   I figure I still have one more cup of tea;

One More Cup Of Tea

I may have lost a little steam,
A little of my zing,
But there's still a cup inside of me,
One delicious cup of tea,
That might be just the thing
For someone who has dropped their cup,
Whose pot of hope has all dried up,
Can't make their kettle sing.

I still have hopeful little drops,
Some smiles I've kept to share,
There's laughter waiting to pop up,
To add some bubbles to their cup,
Some warm and pleasant fare;
Some bits of sunshine,
Sips of Spring
That I've infused with care;

For tiny cups of kindness are
The humblest of guests;
They don't intrude on solitude,
They're sensitive and never rude,
They understand that listening
Is the sweetener that is best;

A cup of hope, so sweet and fine's
The best of partners anytime,
Perhaps the perfect Valentine!

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