Saturday, 23 February 2019

A Coat Of Many Colours  
The world's population is growing by immense proportions, and it is easy to fall into a negative frame of mind as we wonder how we can ever handle the  stewardship of this home of ours, called Earth.  We can either look at this growth  with fear, focusing on man's negative effect on the planet,  or we can look at it in hope as we recognize the unique beauty and potential in each life. 

The homeless person on the street may not live up to our perceived notion of what a contributing member of society should be; his language and appearance may offend, but as we all know, appearances can be deceiving;  We may never be able to see the many beautiful coloured threads that have come unravelled in that person's life, but the gift of a smile and a kind word may provide the first stitch that will start his or her coat to mending;

Though God's creation is vast, each of us is a priceless thread in His great tapestry, and though blue is my favourite colour, if God used only blue threads, what a boring canvass that would be.
 If we let fear of losing what we perceive to be ours by divine or earned  right take precedence, and try to block all others from our door, it is like trying to keep the sky from changing colour;  we would be the losers in the end;

Past The Blue

It's my blue sky,
So pure and blue,
There's nothing else
That shines so true,
I hope it lasts forever!

A bit of red
Is creeping in,
Changing blue
To violet  hue;
But never mind,
I like it fine,
It really looks quite clever;

Some yellow hues
Have joined the red,
And turned to
Brilliant gold instead;
I didn't think I'd like it but
It really is outstanding!

And when it touches
My blue sky,
A green so bright
Lights up the sky
And makes a scene enchanting;

That sky that I
Perceived as blue,
Was so much more
Than my small view,
Its beauty has a depth so vast,
A sea forever changing;

Every life contributes
A thread of priceless hue,
Unraveled lives we chance may meet,
Without them we are not complete;
Each time we add them to our blue,
God says, "Yes, that's brilliant!"

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