Wednesday, 8 May 2019

From My Nothingness

Every moment of our lives has potential, whether we realize it or not; We each contain our own candle, our own given light.  Alone it may be very small, but added to the light from others' candles it becomes part of an exquisite prism; Without our candle, that prism loses wonderful points of colour.  All that is asked of us is to give, with love and sincerity each day, whatever is in us to give - our light will find its path. 

From My 'Nothingness'

I sat on the stoop beside Leonard Cohen,
And no words came;  I wrote, "I got nothing."
Leonard winked at me and said, "Excellent!"
"Now you are ready to write;
Give away the wisdom in your nothingness."
Wisdom in my nothingness?
Not feeling any wisdom right now,
Only a helplessness, a powerlessness,
And a lot of other 'lessnesses';
No brilliant, flashing inspirations,
Only a deep, silent desire breathing through me.
Where would my desire's breath go if I loosed it,
If I gave my hands into its hands,
If I let it do the writing?
Inspiration is a wonder-filled, out-of-body experience;
I have nothing - yet in that moment, I receive everything,
Everything that I truly need;
As my soul beckons it,
It picks up my hands,
Hands that simply hold the pen,
And it writes, without presumption;
Presumption comes from our human hearts' fears and desires;
The Spirit has no such presumptions,
But has faith in us,
Knows and Loves us for who we are,
Speaks encouragement to us from its larger heart.

When Jesus bent down and wrote on the ground,
What did He write?
He wrote not on paper,
But into the earth
He imprinted His heart's breath,
His inspiration,
And with His great love,
He fills our littleness, our nothingness.

"Hineni! Hineni!  Here I am Lord"

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