Monday, 3 June 2019

Guardian Of The Light

Guardian of the Light

You can hope, and dream
Of what might have been,
Or reach for a lofty goal,
But you can't miss something
That you've never seen,
That has never held you, touched your soul;
Every life begins in light,
A unique and brilliant flame,
Yet, we long for reassurance
From the Source from whence we came,
We know that there is something more
Than what our senses tell,
And we search the world around us
For the pearl within the shell;

We spend our lives in longing
For that pure and perfect light,
For Its peace that once enfolded us,
A voice just out of sight,
That spoke our names in love, held our souls.

As time passes by, and our light outgrows us,
Our journey takes us backwards,
And at the same time forwards,
Towards where love and light will come full circle,
Pulling us into itself, enfolding us once more.

Let your soul remember and revisit that light;
Your very own unique source of loving kindness;
You are its guardian,
You alone have the power to share your light with others,
Your efforts and your choice alone
Will determine how far down the path your light will shine.

My soul is restless until it rests in You.  -  St. Augustine

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