Thursday, 22 August 2019

A Wonder Refill

A Wonder Refill!

Wonder is always there, but it tends to whisper, not like that loud bully, worry, that likes to get all the attention.   There are many reasons and endless subjects for me to worry about; worry is in fact a very greedy taskmaster, and I am, unfortunately, one of its better students.    I'm sure that like many of you, I am under the assumption that my worrying is serving some purpose, like....?    Let me see - It's bad for my blood pressure, makes my head ache and my body slouch, and is unnoticed by those that I am worrying about.

I can really find no discernible benefit, except maybe for the fact that it drives me to write or pray or get in touch with someone who is on my mind.  I suppose that if I didn't care so much, I wouldn't worry so much, but  I think that perhaps those on the receiving end of my writing, praying, or concerned thinking, would encourage me to stop worrying.  I'm sure that they would  much prefer to hear good news, encouraging words, gratitude and laughter coming out of my mouth. 

I wrote the following poem in a moment of longing for a chance to shed my adult worry shoes and feel the wonder - like little children at play do.   An actual swing may not be part of the equation, but with Summer warmth finally here, I can certainly conjure up memories, and enjoy  the breeze on my face and the lift in my breath and in my heart - so  grab your inner child and enjoy;  every moment invested in wonder is a powerful way to put life back into perspective!

When I was young,
A little child,
Each day was filled
With wonders;
As I grew older,
Day by day,
My worries pushed them under;

But wonder,
In its wondrous way,
Has offered me
A chance,
To shed my worries,
Just let go,
Reverse the aging dance;

I step into a time warp,
And feel my spirit lift;
In keen anticipation,
That catch within my breath,

A lovely tree,
An empty swing,
I hold on tight
And then,
I close my eyes
And feel the breeze -
I'm five years old again!

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