Wednesday, 27 November 2019

The Presence Of Love

From "The Shack" - 'He is especially fond of you'.

We don't choose the gifts that we have been given,
Any more than we want those we love to choose the gifts we give them,  We hope that we know that person well enough to choose something that they will appreciate.
It is up to us to choose to say thank you for those gifts,
And we do that as we hope our loved ones will do:
by welcoming them with joy, opening them up excitedly, and finding out how to use them; Then, with a huge smile,  in  sharing them with others.
And that's what our Father rejoices in;  Don't rain on God's parade!

When life presses down hard,
When your spirit's been scarred,
And you're left feeling scared and alone ,
Just leave it all there,
Leave that weight to His care,
For He's only one teardrop away;

There's a hand on your shoulder,
A kiss on your forehead;
You are held in the grip of His love;
He raises you up,
And enfolds you so dearly,
Touches your heart,
And lets you know clearly
That you are totally precious today.

There's a tiny child in each of us,
Feeling lost and incomplete,
Though our original hearts  are still intact,
Irreplaceable pulses  in God's heartbeat,
We still keep trying way too hard
To be all that we can be,
Not realizing that we already are;

And that God is especially fond of us!

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